Stump Grinding and Removal

stump grindingStump grind most symply put is the removal of the stump that is left when a dead or unwanted tree is removed. My daughter thinks that tree stumps make excellent tables, but when left in the middle of the lawn quickly become unsightly and a tripping hazard for grandma. We are able to access harder to reach areas with our self propelled grinder, and its high power motor allows us to efficiently grind out the remaining stump or root system. We will be carefull to do our best to leave the remaining area of vegetation as undisturbed as possible. Wood chips should be left on that area until the ground can settle, at which time topsoil can be added.

We do not recommend planting a new tree in the exact spot of the removed tree, but we understand that do to space limitations that it can be a necessaty. When this is the case it is important that your remove ALL of the center root system to avoid future rotting, disease, and sinking of the nely planted tree. Santiago is an expert at making sure your location is ready for its new arrival.