Professional Pruning

The pruning of trees is often considered an art and a science. The science of tree pruning is the knowledge of the correct methods to properly prune a tree. The art is the end result of having a tree that enhances your property and offers a balanced aesthetic to add to your landscape. Tree pruning is one of the most important tree care services that tree owners can do to maintain the health of their trees. The health and survival of a tree depends greatly and knowing the correct branch or branches that need to be cut.

Trees are sensative to the time of the year that they are cut, pruning trees at the wrong time of the year can leave the tree more suseptable to diseases and pests. Trimming your trees at the correct time of year can enhance the fruiting and flowering features of the tree.

For many homeowners the task of trimming your trees seams daunting. It is very hard to tell standing underneath a tree which branches need to be cut, not to mention operating a chain saw at the same time! Well trimmed trees will save you money in the long run-as they say, an ounce of prevention. Santiago and his team have the biological understanding of which branches to take and which to leave, and have an eye for symetry and design.

Here are some common reasons people consider trimming their trees-

  • Removal of dead, dying, rubbing or hazardous tree branches.
  • Reduced potential for storm damage trees and tree disease by increasing the flow of air through the canopy of the tree.
  • Preventing entrance points for insects or disease.
  • Clearing branches from buildings, roofs, signage, driveways, or roadways.
  • Increasing the health of the tree by removing dead or dying tree branches.
  • Create visual access to lakes, rivers, etc., by vista pruning.
  • Establish, improve, or restore the branch and tree structure.
  • Improving the beauty and longevity of the tree in your landscape.